Online Orders - How it Works

In April 2020, Boost Shop has started an experiment to offer some of it's services online via an e-commerce store.

This page is dedicated to explaining the process behind the e-commerce store. 

Shop services online, without sacrificing the premium quality. Or reach out to us directly for a custom solution.

Add To Cart, Checkout

We Are On It!

Add to Cart & Checkout

See our services, add to cart and checkout.


Answer a couple of questions designed to make on-boarding efficient.

Review & Approve

Completed projects are sent for your review.

See Results

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The Process

1. Add to Cart & Checkout

Select Services You Need

  • Add to Cart - just as if you were shopping online, add a service you need to the cart & checkout.

  • 100% On-Demand - this means that you are only paying for what you need, there are no retainers or long-term contracts! Please note, Digital Marketing services are provided on a monthly basis.

2. Brief

Answer a Couple of Questions

  • Answer a couple of questions designed to make onboarding fast & efficient.

  • Best-fit specialists are assigned to your project.

  • Kick-off call - an Account Manager will be in touch shortly to discuss details of your project.

3. Work In Progress

We Are On It!


  • Mail-In Your Products (if required)

  • Select Styles:

    • Style Guide - Style Guide is emailed to you to help you describe style &angles

    • Props - based on your style selection, we pick the props, let us know if you have any preference!

    • Shotlist  - rough sketch and outline of each picture we need to take is produced for your sign-off

  • Action - we execute the photoshoot!

    • Styling - we style the setting with your products, props, background etc.

    • Participate live - via our Digital Studio

Digital Marketing:

  • Strategy - We develop a strategy based on research and data available to help you get the best Results per Dollar.

4. Review & Approve

Edits & Suggestions


  • Feedback - a sample picture is sent to you for your feedback on edits. 

Digital Marketing:

  • The strategy is presented to you - for approval, we explain the rationale and numbers behind our recommendation.​

  • Launch & Optimize - we build your campaigns and launch your ads (or SEO) and optimize by creative, device, location, audience etc. As we gather more data and narrow down the targeting you will see tangible results!

5. See Results

We Deliver!

Content all rights are 100% yours!

Digital Marketing:

  • Full Transparency - all Digital Marketing work is done on you accounts! So you will keep 100% of the data & learnings!

  • Reporting - for SEO, Search Ads and Social Media services we deliver a report in the end of the month and outline optimizations.

  • Shift Budget - we will make sure you grow! We will deliver learnings from last month and outline next steps, optimizations and possible budget shifts as needed. Again, results first!

There is a lot of work!

Let's get started!