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Focus on ROI, Not the Services you Buy!

Why an Agency Online?

Boost Shop was designed to change the way Agencies work.

I've been in the industry for around 10 years now, working at multiple agencies around the world, big and small. However, no matter what agency I worked for or where it was located, I've seen the same things happen time and time again:

  • Culture & mindset issues

  • Focus on commissions, rather then ROI & good work

  • Inability to balance the Speed & Quality

I found these experiences unsettling and unpleasant to work with. My partner and I designed Boost Shop to address these issues.

Have you ever dreamt of your agency being different? So have we.

As Boost Shop is growing, I wanted to write a quick note to share the thinking behind the agency, and the problems, we think, it solves.

Performance Mindset

Because we come from Analytics & Performance Marketing background, designing the agency, we wanted it to be performance-driven.

This means that the standard process at Boost Shop includes designing (or at least reviewing) client's funnel and understanding where a tactical solution fits into this funnel. We focus on a small set of metrics that are proven to drive growth. After all, if you can't measure it, you can't optimize it.

Going the performance path, we design campaigns and solutions that are measurable (not talking about likes here), scalable and repeatable.

Speed & Quality

Ever wanted your agency to balance speed and quality? So have we, see how we achieve the two below.

  • Speed Comes from Process - Boost Shop was designed to be remote before it was a thing. This way, we were focused on developing a set of effective processes to balance the speed and quality. "What happens when" is a process at Boost Shop. Checkout our services to see the process for each of them.

  • Quality Comes From Data - No matter if we are working on content, designing a campaign, optimizing one or suggesting next steps, we always look to data for the answers. This way, we can help you make the right decisions about the next steps.

Flexible & Results Focused - Get More for Less

There are no retainers or long-term commitments, or any other terms that make you stay with the agency. This approach is fair for both, the Client and the Agency.

In Fact, we Recommend Shifting Budget Based on Data

The on-demand approach expands opportunities for your business. We recommend clients shifting their budget all the time. Remember, we always look at your data. And if we see that in order to improve you need to make changes to creative, we recommend these changes. This way, you can afford moving a part of your budget from Advertising or SEO into Content for a month and we will help you with that.

There are two types of services that we offer, here is how we approach them.

  • Month-to-Month - some services need to be recurring. For example, Lead Generation campaigns or SEO efforts. And of course, these tactics do take time to optimize & show results. That's why these service are billed on a monthly basis.

  • On-Demand Services - In the past, Strategy, Quality Content or even Audit Services were not readily available OR affordable for the Clients with Small & Medium budgets. We changed that. These services are definitely variables for success. Now they are readily available on our website. And you don't have to get a quote for that. Just read what they are and how they work, chat with an expert online and make a decision.

Buy Digital Marketing Service Online

Our Services are available online, just like they would in e-commerce store. Why? There are two parts to this question:

  • Transparent & Clear - this way you always know what you pay for, how much it costs and what is included.

  • Focus on Results - this is a part of the process that allows our Specialists to truly focus on results and our clients, not the sales pitches.

With that said, we are always available via chat to answer any of your questions!

The Big Impact

Combined together the Performance Mindset, Process, the Data-First approach and on-demand services create an environment where our employees can truly focus on doing the good work, while Clients can see consistently good results.

It's time to revise an approach of generating more ad spend, the commission fees, and focus on what matters - people, clients, results.

It's time to do what makes sense.

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