To achieve your goals online you need to be strategic about how you approach your Digital Marketing. This means doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time. 

The what, where and when should be based on data. And that's where we come in!

First, we perform an Audience Research to find what your ideal customers are looking for before making a purchase. Is it style, price, balance of the two or something else?

Then we find out how long it takes between the first website Visit and a purchase. This way we will know how much time you have to close a sale and what tools can be helpful.

Next, we analyze your competition to understand how they approach the needs identified above. Is it Organic Search, Social, Emails or website content that they use and how.

Now that we understand what your best audience wants and how competition approaches them, we are ready to suggest the most effective way to achieve your goal:

  • Account for your past performance​

  • Website Changes - is there content you need to create, are there technical problems on the website?

  • Get Visits & Make a Sale - what channels should you use and what is your goal for the channel, for example:​

    • Use SEO to initially attract a Visit & ask for their email

    • Use Social Ads to get the most interested Visitors to return to your website 

    • If they didn't buy yet, on the third day after their visits send a coupon to get them to return and make a purchase​​

How to do it - step-by-step we will outline exactly what, where and when you should do to make the plan work.

And that's how you achieve your goals online!



  • Add to Cart & Checkout

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • An Account Manager will be in touch shortly 

  • Next:

  • Understand the Landscape:

    • Analyze Your Best Audience - what do they value?

      • How much time do you have between the first visit and purchase to close the sale?

    • Analyze Competition - how do they approach the needs identified above?

  • Get your Perfect Client:

    • What to Offer Them - approach, content, website changes

    • Get Traffic - based on your past performance and competition, what is the most effective way to get a Visit?

    • Close the Sale Online - based on customer behavior, budget, competition and past performance, how to effectively lead a Visitor to the purchase, for example:

      • You have strong SEO, let's modify your keywords approach and make a couple of website fixes to attract an initial visit​. ​

      • When a New Visitor does action X on the website, offer them this kind of content on Facebook Ads

      • If they did not make a purchase within X days, send them an email with a coupon offer.

  • How to bring this plan to life - step-by-step instruction and a schedule of what, when and where to do in order to achieve your goals!


Bottom line: it's not a guessing game anymore, you need to make data-informed decisions. We will perform an analysis to determine what, where and when  to do to achieve the results you need.

Delivery Time: 3 weeks


Digital Marketing Strategy


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