Data, big data and other trendy words... The truth is in today's world Digital Marketing relies heavily on data to identify what works best, what doesn't and why.


Google Analytics is a free tool used by an estimated 30-50MM websites or according to other estimates by over 52% of all websites.


Why is it SO popular?

  • It's free

  • It's easy to use

  • It is extremely useful


Questions it can help you answer:

  • Where do my customers find me?

    • Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram_, come directly to your website etc.

    • Geo location - what region am I attracting the most users from?

    • Do visitors make a purchase right away or return to your website multiple times to make a purchase

  • What are they interested in on your website?

  • Does your SEO work? 

  • Do your Sales come from Ads or Organic traffic?

  • How to make your SEO or advertising more effective?


So don't hesitate, get your Google Analytics setup today & learn more about your online visitors!

Google Analytics Setup


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