There are over 200 ranking criteria for Google Search. However, many of them can be summarized as making your website and content fresh, relevant and easy to use.​

And that's exactly what we take care of!

First, we perform a comprehensive analysis. To approach your SEO in the smart way, we identify what Prospects are searching for and what your Competitors do about it. Here we find opportunities that will get you the most impact over effort.

Now that we understand what opportunities are out there, we evaluate your website and SEO to plan what actions we need to take to leverage opportunities found above. That's how we know what to do.

Finally, we prioritize our actions based on impact and effort. And consistently execute the plan to get the results you need. 

Winning SEO takes planning and consistent work, and that's exactly what we will do for you!



  • Add to cart & checkout

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • An Account Manager will be in touch shortly

  • To get you results we will:

    • Competitive Analysis - find weaknesses and opportunities in competitor's approach​

    • Audience Research - find what they search for, translate into topics & keywords, prioritize based on impact/effort

    • Where do you stand - here we will perform full review of your website and compare your content to the opportunities found above

    • Establish an action plan - map out a plan to leverage opportunities above. Establish low hanging fruits, tactical and strategic tasks.

    • Execute -  execute the plan above making sure your website is accessed by Search Engines, ordering and organizing content, modifying keywords and improving User Experience. We will also suggest topics and review your new content.

  • Every month we will report on the performance and include hourly breakdown of all the work done

  • We will be reaching out for approvals & keep you updated

  • Our Strategists are always accessible via phone & email

Bottom line: we will take care of your SEO and deliver measurable results, you will see an increase of Organic Search visits to your website.

Delivery time: work will start on day one, however tangible results are usually seen within a few months depending on the industry and competition.

*$550/month rate includes 12 hours of SEO work a month .

Please note, this service does not include article writing.

SEO - Monthly Package


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