Social Media Advertising - How To Process

As an Analytics first agency, we pride ourselves in having an efficient process when it comes to running Social Media Marketing and Advertising campaigns. Take a look at the set of steps that we follow to make social media marketing work for your business. 

See How Advertising Agencies Get Results on Social Media

1. Implement Tracking

Who visits your website, what actions they take, how to find them on Social?

  • Implement Google Tag Manager - easy to use tool that allows you to track actions on your website through an interface, without changing your website code every time

  • Implement Social Media Tracking - implement a tag or a pixel from a Social Media platform you are planning to use for advertising. Will allow your Social Media website to make advertising more effective as it will see it's users performing actions on your website (e.g. submit a quote, call, add to cart etc.). This way we will know what Social Media audiences are more likely to convert into a lead or a customer

2. Identify Actions Sequence

See what actions on your website bring visitors closer to purchase

  • Once tracking is installed - give that you have enough visits before we launch your advertising, we will be able to see what actions users are more likely to complete before converting into a lead or buying from you. If you don't have enough data yet, we will make an educated guess with the data you already have and will complete this step as we go
  • Prioritize - we will identify 2-3 steps your visitors take before converting into a lead or a saleBased on how close a visitor is to purchase their value to you will change and we will bid more for visitors closer to purchase
  • Messaging - we will also develop different messaging for users depending on how they interact with your website

3. Learn From Experience

Review of Social Media Ads you've done in the past.

  • What worked - learn what strategies have proven to be effective in the past

  • What didn't work - an approach we should avoid in order to deliver the best results

  • Drop-off points - as users move across the sales funnel, were there points where you saw a massive drop-off of the audience. Was this due to ineffective initial targeting? Do you have these audiences saved? Is there any value in targeting them again?

4. Competitive Analysis

Research how your competitors communicate with users along the Sales Funnel

  • Professional tools  - initially, we will use professional tools for competitive analysis and will identify where your competitors run their ads. Based on how long they have been doing it we will estimate the effectiveness

  • Uncover the strategy - we will review their sales funnel to determine how they convert visitors into clients:

    • What messages do they communicate?

    • Do they use any different Social Media website and channels?

    • Do they offer discounts?

    • Do they follow up?

5. Define Your Strategy

Deliver an action plan based on our findings.

  • Deliver findings - we will share all our findings.

  • Develop a plan -based on our research we will develop a funnel - Discovery, Consideration, and Purchase. We will outline all actions we will take to initially catch their eye and to get them to convert into a Lead or a Sale

  • Ad Copy - we will write ad copy needed to advertise on Social Media

  • Content Recommendation - we will use your existing content and recommend what images, videos or GIFs may deliver even better results

6. Execute

  • Initial launch - within one week after our strategy is approved, we will build your campaigns and launch the ads

  • Optimize for actions - we will be optimizing to get more of the actions that lead towards achieving your goal. Once a user hits the first action, we will shift our messaging in order to get them to step number two and eventually towards achieving your objective.

  • Start small - in order to be effective, we will gradually increase our spending as we go.

  • Collect the data - if you can't measure it, you can't optimize it. Your ads will have our undivided attention. Once we have a statistically significant amount of data we will make adjustments to increase effectiveness.

  • Optimize as we go - Social Media advertising is an everchanging attention marketplace. We will optimize your ads to maintain Cost per Objective. 

  • Scale - we will notify you once it's time to expand your ads to achieve even more objectives.

  • Report - We will deliver a monthly report summarizing our findings, learning and optimizations.

  • Approvals  - we will be reaching out for approvals.

  • Contact - You can always reach out to our Strategists over the phone or email!

Launch your ads, optimize and report on performance.

There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!

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