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How Shopify Store Integration and Strategic approach to Facebook Ads helped DemoSoap scale from a local shop to selling nationally.


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About Demo Soap

Is a local neighbourhood shop that sells soap bars, hand-crafter in store.

Soap bars come in all shapes and sizes from Presidents to Coconuts and Water Lily bath bombs. Serving the city for over 10 years now.

The Challenge

As the Quarantine was declared in Canada, the store had to close. Which meant no sales, no clients and mounting bills for the owners with almost no government support.




Integrate DemoSoap Online.


Implement Curbside Pickup functional.


Develop a Cost-Effective way to generate Sales Online.

Solution 01, 02

Based on DemoSoap's requirements, we recommended to proceed with Shopify to develop an e-commerce store. 

Two weeks later - the store was up and running, ready to sell online and schedule a curbside pickup.


An enterprise-grade reporting solution was implemented so that the client would know how many people come from where and what products interest them the most.

Tracking prospects on 1-2-3. Website was mapped to clearly show how many people visit the store, how many go to product pages, how many added services to cart and how many ended up making a purchase. 

Our solution to get sales on budget was mapped after this funnel.

Shopify Store Example.png
Shopify Ecommerce Dashboard Example.png

Solution 02

How do you advertise a store that carries 100+ items online in an overcrowded Digital Space?

We developed a solution that turned out to be effective:

Step 1 - make sure you can track how customers move to purchase. From a website Visit, through Add to Cart actions down to Purchase.

Step 2 - Discover. Find interested users by showcasing groups of products that may interest them. See who clicks through, thus indicating interest. We leveraged Facebook Dynamic Product Ads combined with content to catch User's attention.

Step 3 - Consider/Build Interest. 97% of Visitors don't buy after the first website Visit, remind about yourself to users who self-qualified as interested by clicking on your ads in Step 2. Used content to put Client's products into the context of current events.

Step 4 - Purchase. By now, you've already made some sales, it's time to pull-out the big guns, bring in an offer. Identify actions on your website that signal interest, target these people with an offer to maximize Sales. We leveraged actions on the site to help qualify Visitors as interested (think Add to Cart). Later we laser-target these users to help them make a decision.



After an initial experiment in the city, we soon recommended shifting some of the budget into content, to allow the Client to tell an even better story.

One month after that we launched advertising on a national level, as a result.

Online > Offline

Online Sales outperformed in-store numbers


Increase in



Increase in



And Most Importantly

Store Owner Soap.png

Happy Clients

"...It couldn't go better, in two months we went from a local store to serving the whole country, and our sales are higher than before! I really recommend the team. Trust them, they know what they are doing!"

Joanna M.

Demo Soap

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