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To achieve your goals online you need to be strategic about how you approach your Digital Marketing. You can't do everything. You should do the right thing, in the right place, at the right time. 

These decisions should be based on data. And that's where we come in!

Based on impact/effort, we determine an optimal way to get a Prospect to visit your website, get their interest and lead them to a Sale.

To get these answers, we look at what makes your audience buy, how your competitors approach these needs and find weaknesses in their Digital Marketing. 

This will highlight opportunities for you, which we will prioritize based on impact/effort for your specific case in your market.

We translate these recommendations into a list of specific tasks and a schedule that will help you bring this plan to life. Recommendations usually include Website, SEO, Social or other channels that we will suggest.

From now on, instead of trying to do everything to achieve your goal, your Digital Marketing becomes focused & structured, every channel serves it's purpose, and you know how to measure your results.

And that's how you achieve your goals online!


  • Add to Cart & Checkout or contact us directly

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • An Account Manager will be in touch shortly 


  • Audience Analysis - what drives their decision to buy and how they buy online.

  • Analyze Competition - how do they approach the Audience online? Find weaknesses in their Digital Marketing and Opportunities.

  • Performance Review - Which of the opportunities found above you can use to drive revenue?


  • Action Plan - translate findings above into actionable tasks

  • Establish a Funnel - how to use recommended channels to effectively attract First-Time Visits and Lead them to a Sale?

Actionable Tasks - prioritized on Impact vs Effort:

  • Quick Fixes - ​changes that are relatively easy to implement

  • Strategic Changes - changes in content and channels

  • Evergreen Tasks - based on channels we recommend, what are the routine tasks you should do to see results over time?

Bottom line: it's not a guessing game anymore, you need to know what to do and stay consistent. We will help you determine what channels  and content to use and develop a specific list of tasks to make that SEO, Social, Search Ads work.

Delivery Time: 3 weeks

Why Our Clients Choose Us?

  • No Long-Term Contacts - service is delivered on a project basis

  • Flat-Fee Services - we just make sure it works

  • Digital Marketing, Analytics & Creative Expertise - we know exactly what you need to make things work!

  • Quality - Quality Assurance process ensures a high quality of work, every time!

  • Transparent Pricing - you know exactly what you pay for!

 👌We do what makes sense!


Full Service Outline

1. Analyze Your Audience

Who your best audience is and what drives their decision to buy?

  • Analyze Your Audiences - based on your goals, we will work together to determine what your best audience is and what drives their purchase decision. Is it price? Is it design? Is it quality?

  • How they Buy Online - determine a set of actions and channels they Visit while doing their research.

  • How Long to Close the Sale - determine how long does it take between the first visit and a purchase?

Audience Analysis - Digital Marketing St
Search Ads - Find Budget Waste - Estimat

2. Competitive Analysis

How do they approach Audience's needs identified above? Find opportunities.

  • Determine Competitors - who are your real competitors online?

  • Review their Digital Marketing:

    • What channels do they use to attract Visits?

    • How do they lead Visitors to a Sale?

    • Find Weaknesses - what weaknesses in Competitor's Digital Marketing present opportunities for you?

3. Analyze Your Performance

Determine which of the opportunities found above you can use to effectively attract Visits and Sales?

  • Content - does your content cater to the values of your Audience that we identified above?

  • Do you Have Enough Content - based on the time it takes for them to makes a purchase, do you have enough content to keep their interest online from Discovery, through Research to a Sale?

  • SEO, Search Ads or Social Review - review up to two channels to understand how effective you may be at using these channels against your competitors.

Search Ads - Find Budget Waste - Pinpoin
Search Ads - Find Budget Waste- Identify

4. Develop an Action Plan

Insights are only good if they are actionable. Let's use insights found above to determine and Action Plan. 

  • Recommend Channels - based on your performance and competition what channels can you use effectively in your Digital Marketing funnel?

  • Outline Changes in Content - based on Audience's interests and recommended channels, we suggest what additional content you need to keep Prospects engaged from Discovering your products, through Research into Purchase?

  • Develop a Funnel - Attract Visits & Close Sales effectively, what channels and for what purpose you should use, for example:

    • Initial Visit - ​you have strong SEO. Let's target a couple of other keywords and add Social to attract a volume of First-Time Visits.

    • Identify Interest - if a Visitor performs an action "A" on your website, we should assume he is doing his research before the purchase. Let's use Social Ads to deliver him an article "Y" to keep your conversation going.

    • Close Sales - if a Visitor did not make a purchase within X days, let's deliver him a coupon to close the Sale.

5. Schedule & Tasks

Develop a Schedule and a list of tasks for each channel we recommend to use.

  • Monthly Plan - List of tasks your should perform for each channel to implement the funnel described above.

  • Schedule - how often should you perform these tasks for optimal results?

  • Tips & Tricks - how to get the best outcomes?

  • Impact vs Effort - we prioritize tasks for you to see the results sooner:

    • Quick Fixes - improvements that are fairly easy to make​

    • Strategic changes - changes in channels and approach

    • Evergreen Tasks - tasks that you should do consistently to see results over time.

Schedule & Tasks - Digital Marketing Str
Search Ads - Find Budget Waste - How To

6. Track Results

In your plan, each channel will have a goal. And it's important to track if you are consistently achieving those goals.

  • Establish Metrics - based on your goal, what metrics should you use to track them? For example, a goal for Coupon Ads is Sales, while attracting initial Visits should be measured on Cost/Visit or a number of Visits depending on what channel you use.

There is a lot of work!

Let's get started!

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