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Product Photography Toronto

Boost Shop is a trusted Toronto Product Photography agency. We offer a range of professional product photography services, the kind that performs well online.

We believe that in today’s world, photographers are not just picture takers. Best Product Photographers Toronto make strategic content that drives sales. To help optimize your images, we involve Digital Strategists in the process. This helps design images that are native to the platform of your choosing, ensuring performance. We work with Small businesses, enterprises, restaurants, and more to deliver top-notch and affordable product photography.


Technology & a lot of Know-How

Our proven process allows us to deliver excellent quality commercial product photography every time. When working with us, you can take advantage of our Virtual Studio. Participate in the photoshoot LIVE and approve picture as they are being made, all from the comfort of your office.

Product Sourcing

In case you are located outside of Toronto our team can acquire your products locally.


In Studio or On-Location

Our Professional Product Photographers are available to perform the photoshoot at your location. Alternatively, you can mail your product to our studio and join the photoshoot live.

Turnaround Times

Our effective communication process allows us to deliver most of our projects within 7 business days after your products are received.

We provide product photography for cosmetics, beauty, jewelry, fashion, and food in Toronto, Mississauga, and other locations in Ontario, Canada, and the US.

Commercial Product Photography - Toronto.png

Clean & eye-catching professional product photos, great for Amazon, e-commerce websites or product catalogues.

eCommerce Amazon Product Photography

Minimalistic images on a bright background, optimized to get results on Social Media.

Social Media Photography - Icon.png

Ideal Content for Social Media & Email content. Catch an eye & stand out!


Get an outstanding Look for your product with Ghost Mannequin Photography.


Thumb-stopping food photography for restaurants, menus and Uber Eats!


Pure white background product photography, available in bulk!

Background Image Showcasing benefits of affordable SEM and Digital Marketing Services in Toronto

Why You Have to Work With Us


Digital Marketing & Creative expertise - we know what you need.

Single Point of Contact

Talk to your strategist directly. Get answers to your questions, instantly!


Virtual Studio

Participate in photoshoots remotely. Approve images as they are created!



Our simplified process makes our average turnaround time 7 days.

Affordable Rates

Need Best Product Photography? We got it at some of the best rates!


Agency Quality

Professional equipment & team of photographers.



All rights are 100% yours!

  • Product Photography Pricing
    In short, Product Photography cost is based on the amount of hours required to deliver the ready to use product. The more complex your project is, the more expensive it will be. Boost Shop's product photography pricing is heavily influenced by the following criteria and are refined for specific clients depending on the scope and complexity: Technical requirements - what does your perfect photo look like? If it's a plain product photographed from four angles, this will cost you less than an annimated image (GIF) or a complex setup created in according to your brand guidelines. Editing Requirements - while basic retouching is included in price, some more complex tasks are billed separately. If you require us to photograph your products, add shadows, apply transparent backgrounds and do colour replacement to change colours of your products, this will be more expensive than a simple photograph from a certain angle and basic retouching. Composition Complexity - how complex is your ideal photo? Is it a simple composition of a product and two props or do you require us to arrange tiny details like flower petals, spices and food? If it's a simple setup, we charge you less. Product Prep Time - we ask all our clients to prepare products for the photoshoot. However, if you need our help getting the products ready (e.g. cleaning, ironing etc.), this will cost you more. On-location or in-studio - if you need an in-studio photo, we will charge you less. However, if you require our team to be at your location, that would include transportation costs, travel time and setup time at your location. See more information over this link.
  • How Product Photography Works?
    While every project is different, here is how it generally works: Details & Examples - Share the details of your project with your Account Manager and send us a couple of examples of the ideal photo you want us to make. Quote - based on the requirements, we put together an estimate and send you a quote. Deliver the Products - deliver your products to our studio, or let us shop the products for you. Join Us Live - join the photoshoot live via our virtual studio and see the photos are they are being made. Edits + Feedback - we edit your photos to the requirements and send over for feedback. Your Photos are Ready!
  • Why is Product Photography Important?
    Product Photography is important because no matter where you post it, product photos are your store front. When a user lands on your website, their attention goes to images first (according to Shopify). When a user browses through social media websites, creative (e.g. photos & videos) is what makes them stop and read your post title (according to Facebook), not to mention product catalogues!
  • How can I Improve my Product Photography?
    If you are unhappy with your current product photography, before we start chatting, it's a good idea to get a grasp of what is it exactly that you don't like. I'd recommend looking into these areas: Styling - this includes angles, backgrounds, lighting and more. If your photos don't look and feel the way you want them too, identify what exactly is not working. Consistency - when all your product photos look different. No matter where you use your Product Photos, consistency is important. Is your Product Photos look different, maybe you should give us a call. Editing - in some cases editing is the problem. If the original photos feel better than the edited ones, maybe that's where the problem is. Equipment - when you use professional photography equipment, it shows. Camera, lighting, and other equipment makes a difference. If you do your product photography in-house, consider investing in the professional product photography equipment.

There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!

Services Under This Section

360 Rotating Product Photography

Get 360-degree product photos to impress your audience and showcase your products from different angles. Use HTML5 to animate your photos.

Motion Graphics Studio Toronto

We create professional GIFs and Cinemagraphs for Instagram and other platforms. This is an affordable way to catch an eye on Social Media

Beauty Product Photography

Cosmetic and beauty products photography. Complete with professional equipment, lighting and props. Ideal for Sell Sheets, website and Instagram.

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