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Affordable SEO Package Toronto

Pricing: from $650/mo

SEO Specialist optimizing a website


Launched by performance marketing agency g360, Boost Shop combines the technology and approach of growth360 with affordable pricing for SEO packages. This package is ideal for Small Businesses and companies who are just getting started with SEO. The secret is simple - proven approach, cutting edge technology & thought-through process give our clients an unfair advantage over the competition. 

There are over 200 ranking criteria for Google Search. However, many of them can be summarized as making your website and content fresh, relevant and easy to use.​ That's exactly what we take care of. This full SEO package is based on hours. It includes all you need to succeed in Organic Search - Technical SEO, On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.

How we Work:

First, we perform a comprehensive analysis. To approach your SEO in a smart way, we identify what Prospects search for and what your Competitors do about it. Here we find opportunities that will get you the most impact over effort in your particular case. 

Now that we understand what opportunities are out there, we evaluate your website to create an SEO action plan to leverage the opportunities found above. That's how we know what to do.

Finally, we prioritize our actions based on impact and effort to make sure you see the results sooner. And consistently execute the plan to get the results you need. 

If you are a Small Business or just getting started with Search Engine Optimization or just not seeing double-digit growth from your Google traffic, this full SEO package for Small Business is for you! 

SEO Package - Process & What's Included:

  • Add to Cart & Checkout, or contact us directly

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • Discovery Call - to discuss your SEO goals


  • SEO Analysis - find opportunities to get results

  • Strategy - based on the analysis we develop an approach prioritizing tasks based on impact vs effort so that you can start seeing results sooner.


  • Setup Tracking - maximize visibility into your organic search appearances and on-site behaviour to laser-focus on what performs best.

  • Google Analytics Setup ($250 value) - get a full picture of where Site Visits, Leads and Sales come from and prioritize more effectively.

  • LIVE Dashboard - as a part of being transparent, we create a live dashboard so that you can see how prospects move to purchase on your website.


  • Hours - 10 hours of SEO work monthly.

  • Technical SEO - changes to improve your website from Search Engine's​ perspective.

  • On-Page SEO - edits to existing content, images, descriptions etc. to be relevant to what Prospects Search for.

  • Topics - Suggest topics and review your new content.

  • Reporting - monthly report to summarize results, next steps and tasks completed.

There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!


Does SEO Work?

Ours does. While the market is overcrowded, good SEO requires consistent efforts from businesses. Monitoring new queries and questions that prospects have. There are opportunities in every niche, as consumer interests and queries change. That's why our data-first approach works so well.

We offer affordable SEO packages for small & medium-size businesses using technology, knowledge & a lot of know-how to move the sales needle through SEO.

Are SEO Services Worth it?

Absolutely. SEO has to be a part of an overall strategy. However, unlike other channels, SEO results tend to grow exponentially. This means that over time your results will continue to grow. If you did not invest in SEO in the past, you will likely see a huge spike soon. If done right, these impressions will convert into sales over time making SEO your main results driver. And with results like these, likely you wouldn't want to stop.

How Much do SEO Services Cost?

In brief, it depends on SEO Agency, your market, location. However, based on the g360 calculations, SEO pricing will range between $65-$200/hour. This accounts for specialist salary, additional specialists (e.g. Project Managers, Content Writers etc.). 

Do you only work with businesses in Toronto?

We are based in Toronto, but we service businesses all around Canada and the US from Mississauga and Barrie in GTA to Vancouver and Houston. Our best-in-class SEO recommendations apply to all locations!

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