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PPC Management Services  - Google Ads & Bing Ads Hamilton

Pricing: from $650/mo

PPC Management Service Illustration


Launched by performance marketing agency Growth 360 we specialize in revenue-driving Paid Search services for Startups, Small and Medium-Sized businesses in various industries across in Hamilton and other cities in Canada. Affordable price and quality service by Growth360 make this one of the best PPC Management services in Hamilton.

Not all Leads are born equal. You may have an outstanding funnel, but how are your sales doing? These are the kinds of questions we ask when working on your Paid Search campaigns.


We use data and advanced measurement techniques to laser-target high-intent audiences on Paid Search, in other words, users who are ready to buy. Each click is tracked down to a keyword, location and hour it came from and is optimized based on performance.


Our PPC Management Company uses a range of data, including Sales Velocity, CRM and your existing customer data to inform and optimize your campaigns, generating increasing returns over time.

This, combined with rigorous optimization and a lot of know-how allows us to deliver profitable and scalable Paid Search campaigns.

Paid Search should never be a loss leader. If it is for you, give us a call, we'll make it work.


  • Add to Cart & Checkout, or contact us directly

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • Discovery Call - to discuss your goals on Google


PPC Management - What's Included:

  • Analysis - to understand how we can help you get results

  • Strategy - based on the initial analysis we create an approach to get results

  • Setup Tracking - so that we can tell what Users are interested and improve targeting

  • LIVE Dashboard - as a part of being transparent, we create a live dashboard so that you can see how prospects move to purchase on your website

  • Optimization - focused on results, we optimize your targeting frequently to laser-target the most relevant prospects

  • Google Analytics Setup ($250 value) - see what channels generate Website Visits, Leads, Phone Calls and Sales

  • Monthly Reporting  - monthly call to discuss performance.  Connect with your strategist any time.

Please note, the $650/mo rate applies to accounts with under $5,000 monthly spend and includes 10 hours of work monthly.

Bottom Line:  This service includes everything you need to get results in Google Ads. We make sure it works, that's why our Retention Rate is above the industry average.

Delivery Time: campaigns are launched within 2 weeks.

There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!

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