Toronto Food Photographer - Food, Drink & Menu Photography

Food Photography Pricing: from $20/image

Minimum Order: $400

Includes 4 hours of time

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Launched by Performance Marketing agency growth360, Boost Shop offers a range of food photography packages & services to clients in Toronto, Canada and the US. 

We work with restaurants, CPG companies and local businesses to deliver excellent quality food & drink photography for advertising, menus, and applications such as DoorDash, Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes.

We believe in providing extraordinary experience to every client, every time. Working with Boost Shop you piece of mind to our clients as well as eye-catching photos. Boost Shop has it all to deliver excellent quality images - from professional Food Photographers to technology and process. 


Food Photography Technology & Process:

  • Move fast - our tested and effective pre-production process and communications allow us to deliver most of our projects within 7 business days.

  • Get results - good photographers take nice pictures. Best food photographers help you solve problems. As required, we involve Digital Strategists in our process to help design images that are native to the platforms you plan to use them on.

  • Participate Live - join the photoshoot live via our Virtual Studio, from wherever you are in the world. Alternatively our food photographers Toronto will be happy to perform the photoshoot in-studio or on-location. 

Let’s have a fair conversation about your goals and how to get there. Share the details of your project via the web form below and we will be in touch shortly.


  • Get in touch and share the details of your project

  • Get a quote


  • Mail-In Your Products - to our Studio, if required

  • Select Styles:

    • Shotlist  - share example of the images you like.

    • Digital Strategist Advice - get advice on how to make your images native to the platform (medium) you need them for.


  • Photoshoot - images are created according to sketches

  • Virtual Studio - join the photoshoot Live

  • Post-Production - professional look & optimize for web

    • One round of feedback included​

  • Your images are ready!

What's included*: ​

  • Minimum $400 order

  • 3 hours of in-studio shooting time

  • 1 hour of editing time

  • Background colour - pick the colour you like or go for white

  • Shadows - add $2/image

  • Style - images come in the same style for a consistent look

  • Post-production:

    • Retouching - remove dust and unwanted details

    • Colour Adjustments - if required

    • Original Files - and Photoshop, make edits in the future

    • Optimized for Web - photos come in 3 sizes, ready to use

    • Optimized for - Amazon, Shopify or eBay (request upfront)

  • One round of feedback

Food Photography Rates:

  • Additional time - $100/hr

  • On-Location Service - add $500

  • Food Stylist Services - $1,000/day

Delivery time: 7 days after your products are received.

Food & Beverage Photography Examples

it's a piece of cake

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You Are in Good Hands!

Connect with a Strategist. Let's discuss the design and styling options to optimize your product photos to perform well online.

  • Digital Marketing & Creative Expertise - we know what you need!

  • Fast - average turnaround time is 7 days

  • Virtual Studio - participate in the photoshoot LIVE

  • Affordable Rates some of the best rates in Toronto

  • Agency Quality - professional studio & team of photographers

  • Rights - all rights are 100% yours.

 👌  We do what makes sense!

Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes and DoorDash Food Photographer

Thumb-stopping Photos for the new store front!

Amid the turbulent times and changes that came with it multiple businesses need to evolve and adapt.

When an application or your website becomes your new menu, our Food Photography services come into play.

Except for creating platform-native food photos, our services include retouching and formatting complete with originals and JPEGs in multiple resolutions. Get graphic design services at Boost Shop or have the internal team work with the easy to navigate assets, named to your internal requirements. 

Our images will work for SEO too, saving you time in the future!

Get your food menu photography from Digital Marketing & photography Experts at Boost Shop!

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Amazon Food Photography Toronto.jpg

GS1, Shopify, Amazon & Walmart Compliant Photography

To the tee!

Yes, we cover that. Our food photography studio can deliver high-quality and well-lit GS1 photography that is far better than what's required by the standard. 

Get our Food Photographers to do the photoshoot at your place of business or ship your products to us and participate in the photoshoot live. 

This combined with the fast turnaround times gives you an unfair advantage over the competition.


I was very pleased with Nat and Alex. They really helped my business get the best food photography and approach it the right way to get the best results with online marketing! I highly recommend Boost Shop!

Joanna W.

Frequently asked questions

What is food photography?

Food Photography is a type of commercial photography (link to prod photo page) that focuses on food. Food Photography is used to create advertising, restaurant menus, packaging, cookbooks and more.

Why food photography is important?

Food photography is important now more that ever before because amid the turbulent times, websites and applications like UberEats are becoming the new storefronts. You need your food photos to make a sale. No matter if you are creating photos for advertising, menu, website or UberEats, user’s attention always goes to images first. As a performance marketing agency, we know that content does 50% of work on multiple medium, including social. If your content is not engaging, you can’t work around that.

How much does food photography cost?

The cost of Food Photography varies depending on what is included. Most food photography projects cost between $500 - $2,000 depending on the scope of the project. There is no one fits all approach, but these are the factors we consider when estimating food photography project cost:

  1. How complicated is the shoot - if you need a simple photo of a dish/product on white, we will charge you much less. However, if you need us to photograph a smoking and hot steak, that adds a degree of complication to the job, which will take more time and will cost you more.
  2. How much styling is involved - complex compositions give depth and context to your dishes. However, they take time to prepare and effort to make sure the food preserves it’s look so that we have enough time.
  3. Does your project require a food stylist? In most cases we can style the setting ourselves or your specialists can help us do it, this will save you money on hiring an extra specialist - a food stylist. However, some compositions do require food stylists and this will cost you more.
  4. Do you need help with ideation - do you already have something in mind, maybe you saw a photo that you think is very similar to what you need? Or perhaps you can provide sketches? If that’s the case, this will cost you much less compared to us pitching you photography ideas.

There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!