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Commercial GIF & Cinemagraph Production Toronto

Pricing: $400/gif

Includes 4 hours of time

Cinemagraph Production Example


  • Add to Cart & Checkout or contact us directly

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • An Account Manager will be in touch shortly


  • Mail-In Your Products - to our Studio, if required​

  • Select Styles (one setting):

    • Style Guide - Style Guide is emailed to you to help you describe style &angles.

    • Choose Props - based on your style selection, we pick the props, let us know if you have any preference!

    • Shotlist  - to ensure accuracy, we will deliver a rough sketch of your GIF with a shot list, outlining your desired Cinemagraph before production.


  • Styling - we style the setting with your products, props, background etc.

  • Post-Production - edit images to make them look even more professional, combine images together and animate

    • One round of feedback included​

  • Your GIF is ready!

What's included*: 

  • 3 hours of in-studio GIF Production time

  • 1 hour of editing time

  • Up to 8 product photos in one setting, combined in a GIF

  • Choose styles, angles, backgrounds, and props

  • Stylist composition of your products and props

  • Post-production - edit & animate

  • One round of feedback

  • High-resolution images

  • All rights are 100% yours!

A la Carte:

  • Additional time - $100/hr

  • On-Location Service - add $500

  • Food Stylist Services - $1,000/day

Bottom Line: we will deliver a professional GIF or Cinemagraph of your products, it's ready-to-use.

*This service is not meant as model photography. All photoshoots are performed in-doors at our studio.

Delivery time: 7 days after your products are received.


Creative does 50% of work on Social Media. Good creative communicates your message, excellent creative should also be eye-catching!

Our brains are wired to watch for moving objects. That's why Animated GIFs & Cinemagraphs are much better at catching User's attention compared to still images. The so-called "thumb-stopping power". 

Once you have user's attention, GIFs & Cinemagraphs allow you to communicate a message via a short story. This content type is more cost-effective compared to Video production, however delivers similar engagement results on Social Media. As a result, you get most of the benefits at a fraction of the cost!​

Our Cinemagraph Photography Service creates GIFs and Cinemagraphs for commercial use, Social Media, Shopify Product Images and more! While you can join us via Virtual Studio to participate in the process.

Try our Cinemagraph Photo & Video production service today!

Why Our Clients Choose Us?

  • Digital Marketing, Strategy & Creative Expertise - we know what you need!

  • No Long-Term Contracts - we work on a project basis with all our clients

  • Flat-Fee Services - we just make sure it's done!

  • Agency Quality - internal Quality Assurance process ensures high quality of work, every time!

  • Rights - all rights are 100% yours

 👌 We do what makes sense!

Photography and Creative - Why Our Custo

There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!

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