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Invisible Ghost Mannequin Photography Toronto

Pricing: from $60/product

Minimum Order: $400

Includes 4 hours of time



Ghost mannequin clothing photography is an excellent way to present your products to the world. This approach to clothing photography shows your product on an invisible "ghost" mannequin, which creates a 3D effect for your clothing photos.

One of the main benefits of this approach is that it helps focus consumer's attention on your products first, shows product fit without demographic bias. 

Boost Shop offers a range of ghost mannequin photography services applicable to all kinds of products - including tops, bottoms, and products of various difficulty. All designed to perform online.


In addition to Professional Photographers, we involve Digital Strategists in the process to help account for all the caveats of an eCommerce platform you need your images for. That's why our Ghost Apparel Photography solutions perform well on your online.

Our innovative approach to invisible ghost mannequin photography allows you to move fast and participate in the photoshoot Live via our Virtual Studio from the comfort of your office, wherever it is in the world.


Let's discuss your products and how to design cost-effective images that would perform well online.


  • Contact Boost Shop

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • An Account Manager will be in touch shortly


  • Mail-In Your Products - to our Studio, if required

  • Select Styles:

    • Shotlist  - to ensure accuracy, we will deliver a rough sketch, outlining every image, for your approval.


  • Photoshoot - images are created according to sketches

  • Participate LIVE - via our Virtual Studio

  • Post-Production - professional look & optimize for web

    • One round of feedback included​

  • Your images are ready!

What's included*: ​

  • Minimum $400 order

  • 3 hours of in-studio shooting time

  • 1 hour of editing time

  • Background color - pick the color you like or go for white

  • Shadows - add $2/image

  • Style - images come in the same style for a consistent look

  • Post-production:

    • Retouching - remove dust and unwanted details

    • Colour Adjustments - if required

    • Original Files - and Photoshop, make edits in the future

    • Optimized for Web - photos come in 3 sizes, ready to use

    • Optimized for - an online platform of your choosing

  • One round of feedback

A la Carte:

  • Additional time - $100/hr

  • On-Location Service - add $500

  • Color Replacement - available

Bottom Line: product photos shot in a professional studio, ready to use on your website or an eCommerce platform.

Delivery time: 7 days after your products are received.

Artboard 2_1920x1080.png

You Are in Good Hands!

Connect with a Strategist. Let's discuss the design and styling options to optimize your product photos to perform well online.

  • Digital Marketing & Creative Expertise - we know what you need!

  • Fast - average turnaround time is 7 days

  • Virtual Studio - participate in the photoshoot LIVE

  • Affordable Rates some of the best rates in Toronto

  • Agency Quality - professional studio & team of photographers

  • Rights - all rights are 100% yours.

 👌  We do what makes sense!

Let's Chat!


There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!

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