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PPC Campaign Audit Services Toronto

Pricing: $650

PPC Campaign Audit Services Toronto


Feel like your PPC advertising could be more effective? Most likely you are right... 

A recent study has found that in most cases 6% of keywords delivered all results. This means that likely only 1 out of 10 Keywords in your Search Ads account actually converts Users into Leads and Sales. 

This happens because there are dozens of settings to keep on top of. And if your account doesn't get enough attention, it's likely that your budget is spent ineffectively. As a result, your Cost per Lead is higher than it should be.

We specialize in data-driven PPC Campaign and Account Audits. This service includes a full review of your Search Advertising, tracking and Landing Pages for either Google Ads (AdWords) or Bing Ads accounts with up to $5,000 monthly spend. 

Shop online for this service or contact us directly to discuss the details and get a custom offer.


  • Add to Cart & Checkout or conta us directly

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • An Account Manager will be in touch shortly

PPC Audit Services - What's included & Deliverables:

  • Review Tracking - are your Leads and Phone Calls tracked correctly or are you double counting results?

  • Where You Waste Budget - what keywords and settings waste ​budget with little to no results, thus wasting budget.

  • Find Real Cost/Result - estimate how much money is spent with little to no results? What your real Cost per Result goal should be? 

  • Where You Lose Clients - find where in your digital marketing funnel you are losing prospects.

  • Review Landing Pages - is an ineffective Landing Page impacting your Cost per Click?

  • How to Fix It - what to disable, change or optimize to improve Cost per Result. 

  • Findings are broken down into:

    • Quick Fixes - low hanging fruit tasks, can be done fast​.

    • Tactical Changes - changes in landing pages and advertising tactics.

    • Strategic Changes - changes in approach.

Pricing Includes: Please note, $650 fee includes 10 hours of work.

Delivery Time: 2 weeks

There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!

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