Product Photography Process

We pride ourselves in a super-efficient process. Take a look at how exactly we get things done, step-by-step.

This process may vary depending on a service you buy.

1. Onboarding

As soon as you make a decission to proceed, onboarding questions are emailed to you. These questions are designed to help us better understand your company and project we will be working on.

  • Tell us about your company - a brief description of your company, product/service offering, style guidelines etc.

  • Describe the project - general questions to understand the objectives of your project, your goals, platforms you are planning to use images on.

2. Mail-In Your Products*

Mail-in your products to our studio

  • FREE Pickup - is available within GTA, including Oshawa, Newmarket and Burlington  (up to 2 kg)

  • Ontario & Canada - mail in your products to our studio!*

*Please note, Boost Shop is not responsible for breakage of the products during delivery or return.

While your products are delivered...

3. Choose Styles (One Setting)

A picture is worth a thousand words! Photo Guide is provided to you to select:

  • Choose Style of Your Setting - Style Guide is provided to you to select styles you want your images shot in. Don't worry, these are just examples, you are welcome to show us other pictures you like.

  • Select Angles - this same Style Guide also includes samples of angles you can get your images in.

  • Shot List & Approval - based on the styles you select and the story you are looking to tell, we will develop a rough sketch and a description of every picture we will take and will wait for your approval. 

4. Execute

Upon your sign-off on image sketches we execute the photoshoot.

  • Participate Live - connect via our Virtual Studio to be present at the photoshoot no matter where you are:

    • See work in progress - view the work live via web stream.

    • Live camera view - as if you were looking through the camera yourself.

    • Preview Images - preview just made images on your screen and give feedback in real-time.

5. Edits

Professional adjustment of your images to make them look perfect!

  • Clean Up Images - remove dust, scratches and other unwanted details.

  • Colors - here we make your products pop! Adjusting colors will make your products truly stand out from the picture. We will also ensure colors look just like they do in real life!

  • Shadows - will add depth to your images and give it an outstanding feel!

  • Feedback (one round) - we deliver a sample image to get your feedback on edits, we then make sure all other images arrive in the same style!

6. Complete

  • High Resolution - we deliver high-resolution, post-production images.

  • Unedited Copies -  in addition, we will also share unedited copies for your future use!

  • All rights are yours - you are free to use your images!*

  • Return your products - if applicable, we will mail your products back to your office!


*Please note, Boost Shop retains a right to use your images as a part of our portfolio. 

Your photos are ready! 

There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!

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