Consumers have never been more willing to buy online. Now is the time to get your e-commerce store up and running, get pickup orders and prepare for the second wave.

Launching a new e-commerce store can be tricky if you have never done it before. At the very least, it requires you to build systems for timely order confirmation, pickup functional and online payment integration. Not to mention content uploading and setting your store up for success in Digital Marketing.

That's where we come in. Boost Shop will help you integrate your business into an e-commerce store and will fine-tune it for success. 

Our development team will help you integrate your business with Shopify or Wix and will help you develop store structure from the SEO standpoint, upload content, integrate payment system, setup notifications on the new orders, setup pick-up or delivery options and even more to help you get results in Digital Marketing.

It's time to get results!



  • Add to Cart & Checkout

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions 

  • An Account Manager will be in touch shortly

  • Next:

    • Discovery call - let's go over your business and platforms available to integrate it online

    • Decide on - platform, payment system, template and web-address

    • Website Structure - We design website structure to work best for SEO purposes

    • Content - is uploaded to the website

    • Google Analytics Setup - see what products Visitors are the most interested in, what pages they Visits before purchase

    • Google My Business integration

    • Payment System integration

    • Obtain SSL Sequre certificate

    • Curbside pickup options integration

Bottom Line: We will help you get up and running with your e-commerce store and make sure it's set up for success in SEO and Digital Marketing.

*Please note, in case you require an upload of over 30 products, design support, pictures of your products or Digital Marketing help on launch or other particularly complex requirements, they may be a subject to extra charges. We will make sure that these services are quoted upfront.

Delivery time: 2 weeks once content is received


E-Commerce Store Integration

C$1,250.00 Regular Price
C$1.00Sale Price

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