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Top Retargeting Marketing Company Toronto

Pricing: from $650/mo

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97% of users don't make a purchase after the first website Visit. As a result, Returning Visitors are more likely to buy because they are already familiar with your offering.

What is Retargeting  - Remarketing is a cost-effective way to laser-target ONLY those Visitors who have already been to your website and performed a high-value action (e.g. added a product to cart or compared multiple products etc). 

Launched by performance marketing agency growth360, we specialize in revenue-driving Digital Marketing services, including Remarekting Services on Google Search, Display, Facebook and other platforms. We work with eCommerce stores, Startups, Small and Medium businesses in various industries.

How We Work:

First, we will analyze your website to identify actions that indicate Visitors' interest in your offering.

We will then develop a retargeting approach, showing your customers the right message, in the right place, at the right time, as they move closer to a purchase.

Instagram, Google Ads (AdWords), or Facebook. Based on your audience, we will suggest the best platform to run your Retargeting marketing campaigns to maximize gains and will fully execute the campaign to deliver results.


  • Add to Cart & Checkout or contact us directly

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • An Account Manager will be in touch shortly



  • Analysis - identify actions that indicate Visitors interest
  • Setup Tracking - make sure you know ​when Visitors take actions identified above
  • Recommend Platform - Instagram, Google, Facebook. We help you choose the right platform to get results
  • Develop a Sequence - create a sequence of Ads that are served depending on what action a Visitor takes. For Example:
    • Spent 30 Seconds on a product page - Ad 1
    • Added to Cart - Ad 2
    • Made a purchase - turn the ads off
  • Create Ads - create ads using images (if available) from your website, that Visitors are familiar with. 


  • Approve - you approve the plan
  • Launch & Optimize - we run your ads, optimizing to get the best Cost/Result
  • Report - we meet monthly to review performance and discuss next steps
  • Always in touch - our Account Managers will be reaching out for approvals & you are welcome to get in touch too!

Pricing Includes: Standard Remarketing package includes 10 hours a month.

Bottom Line: Remarketing has proven to be one of the most effective Digital Marketing tactics. We will implement everything you need to run Remarketing Ads and optimize your ads to deliver results!

Delivery Time: 2 weeks - setup. Optimization - ongoing. 

*Requirements: Some platforms require a minimum of 1,000 monthly visitors to your site in order to enable remarketing.​

Why Our Clients Choose Us?

  • No Long-Term Contacts - service is delivered on a month-to-month basis

  • Flat-Fee Services - we just make sure it works

  • No Setup Fees - you don't pay for setup, you pay for results

  • Google & Bing Certified Professionals - service delivered by professionals

  • Transparent Pricing - you pay Google directly

 👌 We do what makes sense!

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There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!

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