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SEO Strategy Services & Consulting

Pricing: $1,250

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When it comes to SEO there is no one-fits-all approach. To win in your particular market you need an SEO Strategy that is based on data and prioritizes impact vs effort to maximize results. Launched by performance marketing agency growth360, we offer SEO Strategy Consulting Services to businesses of all industries and sizes from eCommerce shops to Local Business SEO Strategies.

How We Work:

First, we perform a comprehensive analysis. To approach your market in a smart way, we identify what Prospects are searching for and what your Competitors do about it. Here we find opportunities that will get you the most impact over effort in your particular case.

Now that we understand what opportunities are out there, we evaluate your website and SEO to plan what actions you need to take to leverage the opportunities found above. That's how we know what to do.

Finally, we prioritize our actions based on impact and effort, giving you a list of tasks needed to implement your SEO growth strategy.

Winning in Organic Search takes planning and consistent work. Get a strategy to know you are on the right path!


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  • Research - your product/service offering

  • Competitive Analysis - find weaknesses & opportunities in your competitor's approach to SEO​

  • Audience Analysis -  find what they search for, translate it into keywords and topics

  • SEO Audit - full review of your website and content. Identify what to fix. Are you leveraging opportunities above?

Plan & Tasks:

  • Action Plan - based on your specific scenario create an action plan to prioritize impact vs effort, to help you get results sooner

  • Tasks & Schedule - outline what to do and create a schedule to simplify the process.
  • Tasks grouped into:

    • Quick Fixes​

    • Tactical goals

    • Strategic changes

    • New content recommendations

Bottom Line: Get a comprehensive eCommerce SEO Strategy (or Local SEO Strategy) based on a review of opportunities in your market and find the best ways to leverage them. Findings are organized into a list of tasks.

Delivery Time: 2 weeks

Why Our Clients Choose Us?

  • No Long-Term Contacts - service is delivered on a month-to-month basis.

  • Flat-Fee Services - we just make sure it works.

  • No Setup Fees - you don't pay for setup, you pay for results.

  • Google & Bing Certified Professionals - service delivered by professionals.

  • Transparent Pricing - you pay Google directly.

 👌We do what makes sense!

Man drawing a strategy on a board.

There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!

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