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Social Media Advertising Services

Pricing: from $800/mo

Analytics & Social Media Ads -


Social Media Ads are not about Likes and Website visits. They are about Leads, Sales and other measurable results. And that's exactly what we do!

Who to target?

As a step one, we implement Social Media tracking. From this moment forward, we will know when users come to your website, and what interests them the most. Most importantly we will know what audiences are most likely to make a purchase. 

Actions They Take Before Purchase

Next, we will identify in what sequence your visitors take actions before making a purchase. Based on this, we will know how close a visitor is to purchase and we will target them accordingly.

What to Target Them With

Next, we will analyze your past experience to identify what content works best. 

Based on this information, we will deliver a strategy and leverage our findings step-by-step & will get you tangible results!


  • Add to Cart & Checkout, or contact us directly

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • Discovery Call - to discuss your goals & how to achieve them online

  • Hours - Package includes 10 hours of work per month


  • Analysis - determine how your audience moves to purchase (Consumer Journey Mapping) + what audiences are the most likely to buy from you

  • Strategy - based on the initial analysis we create an approach to get results


  • Setup Tracking - so that we can tell what Users are interested and improve targeting


  • Optimization - focused on results, we optimize your targeting frequently to laser-target the most relevant prospects

  • Machine Learning - We leverage platform machine learning capabilities to find the most relevant audience on every step of consumer journey

  • Experimentation - audience and content experiments to determine the best targeting and approach and further improve initial results

  • Scaling - focusing on results we start small and generate initial results, using the data to repeat and scale

Pricing Includes: Please note, $650 fee includes 12 hours monthly. 

Bottom Line: We focus on getting you results, that's why our Retention Rate is above the industry average. 

There is a lot of work.

Let's get started!

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