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Social Media Ads


(one channel)

Pricing: $650

Social Media Ads - Find Budget Waste - H


Social Media platforms want to serve interesting content to their users. It's measured by the number of interactions that content generates.

Your goal as an advertiser is to tell a story about your product to the audience that is likely to do an action you want (e.g. buy from you). 

Ideally, it's a win-win situation where you as an advertiser and a Social Media network, each get what you want.

However, advertisers often struggle with finding the right audience or telling a compelling story that would generate results. This creates inefficiencies and causes budget waste.


That's where we come in. We will fully examine your Social Media ads and the Sales Funnel related to them. Identify mistakes, inefficiencies and suggest how to improve Social Media ads performance, from content and targeting to the landing page and tracking.

Simply put, we will help you make it work.


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  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • An Account Manager will be in touch shortly


Analysis Includes:

  • Tracking -  are you tracking results correctly?

  • Audience - are you targeting the right audience?

  • Sales Funnel - do you lead your audience from discovery to purchase?​

    • Are there drop​ off points where you lose your audience?

  • Tactics - determine what advertising tactics work best for your account, are they used effectively?

Outcome - Actionable Insights grouped into:

  • Quick Fixes - how to improve performance now?​

  • Funnel drop-off points & how to fix them

  • Optimal Ads recommendation:

    • What topics and content pieces generate the best results?

    • What advertising tactics to employ on different stages of the funnel?

Pricing Includes: 10 hours of work.

Requirements: Funnel Analysis requires Facebook pixel and implemented Google Analytics tracking.

Bottom Line: This service includes review of one advertising account and funnel related to it and data-driven recommendations to improve performance.

Delivery Time: 2 weeks

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