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Social Media Strategy




Social Media Strategy is an action plan based on data & research that is designed to outline a set of steps necessary to achieve your business objectives through Social Media channels.

We will combine your business objectives with research of your audience and create custom tactical goals.

The tactical goals will later be broken down into content and channels recommendation. We will also outline clear steps and create a schedule of what has to be done and where in order to achieve these goals. 

Social Media Strategy will give you clarity & certainty when working on day-to-day execution!


  • Add to cart & checkout or contact us directly

  • Answer a couple of onboarding questions

  • Discovery Call - to discuss your goals on Social


  • Customer Persona Development:

    • Who they are?​

    • Where do they go?

    • What their interests are?

    • Why do they consume content?

    • How do they consume content?

  • Competitive Analysis

Topics Recommendations:

  • Recommend platforms

  • Recommend Organic and Paid Social Media tactics

  • Identify content that works best for your audience

  • Outline post frequency

  • Social media calendar for one month

Bottom Line: Find the best approach to achieving your business goals on Social Media. Translate it into a clear set of steps to follow. 

Delivery Time: 2 weeks

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