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Product Photography Pricing - How Much Product Photography Costs in 2021

In 2021 Product Photography costs $100 - $250 per hour. With multiple agencies and studios charging a minimum of two to four hours. 

This includes studio setup, photography, and editing time.

Product Photography Pricing - How it Works

Flexibility is one of our core values. To deliver on this value, our product photography services are priced based on the number of hours we spend on your project. 

This way our clients always get what they need without overpaying.

In this article, we will go over some of the Product Photography types and what is normally involved to help you better understand product photography pricing and estimate how much will your product photography cost.


What's Included in Most Product Photography Projects

Here is what is included by default in most of our product photography projects:

  • Work of Digital Marketing Strategist - we help you get images that will perform well on the platform of your choosing.

  • High-Resolution Images - we deliver 300 dpi images ready to use anywhere in print - including brochures, menus and more.

  • Professional Retouching - all our photography projects include image touch-up to remove unwanted details, enhance colours and more.

  • Virtual Studio - our projects include an ability to join the photoshoot online via our Virtual Studio and participate in the photoshoot LIVE, from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Naming - all file names follow your naming conventions to save you time on cataloging thousands of SKUs.

  • Fast Turnaround Times - waiting for images for weeks? Forget it, most of our projects are delivered within 5-7 business days.

  • Rights - all rights are 100% yours.


Amazon Product Photography Pricing

Tou understand the pricing, let's start with a very basic product photography example - a simple Amazon Product Photography Project

A standard requirement for Amazon photos is a white background and 85% of the product in the frame.

These are fairly simple photos to make. Provided that there are no special complications (e.g. large or heavy products, products that are transparent or highly reflective etc.). 

Consequentially these photos are relatively easy to make. This means that we are able to deliver more photos per hour. As a result, Cost per Image is lower.

Illuminated Products.jpg
Untitled design (27).jpg

eCommerce Product Photography Pricing

Many eCommerce Product Photography projects require a custom background.

Depending on the style of the background you need, this may add a certain degree of complication to your project.

Let's say, you need a custom background that combines multiple colours and requires shades at a certain angle.

This will take more time to set up compared to Amazon photos, which will cost you more. 

Group Product Photography Pricing

Now let's imagine that some of the product shots you need require groups of products photographed together on that same eCommerce Photography background we reviewed before. 

Say, you need 20 photographs of the products grouped together. Again, assuming there is no additional complications.

This will require additional time for setup:

  • Arranging the products - together according to your guidelines.

  • Shadows - for a group of products so that all products are well-lit.

  • Background - if all products don't fit in the initial setup.

This will likely drive a slight increase in pricing adding more time to your project, as a result, Cost per Image will go up.


Lifestyle Product Photography Pricing

Lifestyle product photos tend to be more complicated to set up compared to eCommerce photos.

In addition, lifestyle photos sometimes require work of models. This means that except for the setup there is also model coordination and multiple moving pieces to manage. This requires an additional time investment to get the perfect shot you need. 

This drives up the number of hours spent on Lifestyle Product Photography projects, as a result, it tends to be more expensive.

Food Product Photography Pricing


Food photography comes in all flavours - food photos on white background, lifestyle photos and recipes.

While food photography on white background for menus and sell sheets and applications can cost less, photos done following GS1 requirements can increase the cost slightly.

Food photoswhere you actually see the price difference are photos that involve Food Stylists or Chefs involved. 

In most cases, we can do the styling ourselves, saving our clients a substantial amount of money. However, some shots do require food preparation or food stylists to arrange multiple details. This drives Cost per Image up.

Photography Editing Price

All product photos need editing.

However, for some photos editing can take a significant amount of time.

This is especially true for mannequin product photography. Symmetry is often one of the requirements for a good look - these photos take a substantial amount of time to set up, photograph and edit.

Multiple ghost mannequin photos also require colour replacement to show different colours of your products. While colour replacement services add to the overall cost, they are indeed much cheaper compared to having to re-photograph 5 colours of the same product. 


Ready to shoot? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.

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